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New York Fashion Week | Designer Application

Why Choose Rise NYFW?

Craftsmanship Takes Center Stage: Crafting the perfect runway pieces demands dedication and tireless effort. That's why Rise NYFW, a "garment-first" brand, is here to honor the artistry that goes into creating a runway-worthy collection. Our dedicated team of creatives acknowledges the time you've invested in refining your garments, and we're determined to ensure your creations receive the recognition they rightfully deserve.

A Media Magnet Since Day One: Since our inception, Rise NYFW has gained attention from the press, both on a local and regional scale. This coverage adds an extra layer of recognition to your hard work, giving your designs the exposure they need to flourish.

Official NYFW Inclusion: Rise NYFW proudly stands on the CFDA's official NYFW calendar (non-preliminary), supporting both established and emerging designers. This CFDA endorsement holds immense significance to us, underscoring the journey we've undertaken since our inception. Our unwavering mission has been and will continue to be prioritizing the designers who showcase on our platform.

Connect with Fashion Enthusiasts: Build connections with fellow fashion enthusiasts, potential buyers, influencers, and industry insiders. At Rise NYFW, it's more than just a fashion show; it's a chance to establish ties with like-minded fashion enthusiasts, potential buyers, influential figures, and industry insiders. Beyond the runway, this event provides a unique networking platform where you can exchange insights and connect with those who can possibly help further your career.

Guidance and Mentorship: Benefit from our team of dedicated fashion designers, marketers, and experts, who offer you invaluable insights and mentorship to navigate the fiercely competitive fashion industry.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity! Register your brand today.

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Due to high demand and applicants, please make sure to submit ALL necessary information in order for our team to thoroughly review your application

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