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February 2019 Designers:

Knyzeria Logo.jpeg

Unik Katon was established in 2017 by a female named Knyzeria Day. She was born in Carlisle, PA and raised in York, Pa. Both are small cities in Pennsylvania that have many talented individuals who are afraid of expanding and leaving home to pursue their career. She was always viewed as being different by the way she dressed. She said “I have a unique way of making nothing look like something”. She didn’t always want to be a designer till 2008 she had the opportunity to attend a vocational high school for fashion design. After graduating in 2012 it was her destiny to be big in the fashion industry one day.

















Knyzeria wants Unik Katon to be known for its style, fashion and quality. She want people to look at the garments and say “that’s unique”. With becoming a fashion designer  her main priority is to make individuals feel secure and beautiful no matter the shape, size, or skin tone. In the near future she would like to expand and incorporate men and children clothes, shoes,bags, and belts.

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Contact Info:



FB-Unik Katon


Renee LaRouge:

Simplicity is Elegance."  A quote that not only describes my philosophy in life, but also encompasses the essence of Renee Larouge! This Brand which came to life November 2012, has evolved to offer chic, comfortable, sexy, and stylish pieces, catering to the needs of curvy women.


























One way to describe Renee' Larouge style would be Bohemian Chic. Many of the garments are printed with flowers and scenes from nature, which are flowy and light.
The more tailored pieces, such as heavily printed or solid color blazers give the brand a vintage feel, but updated to fit the current times and needs of today's Woman.
Renee' Larouge embodies sophisticated, classic looks with a modern twist.

Currently, we only design women's clothing but working to branch out, into other areas such as menswear and children's clothing.


Services that we offer: Custom Made Clothing, Alteration, Evening wear, Casual wear, Outerwear.

Renee Photo.jpg

Contact Info:

Owner/ Head Designer: Dionne Holt

Instagram: @reneelarouge

Twitter: MsRLarouge
Contact Info: 817-856-7730


My name is Collins Provost I am a Lakhota woman from the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe located in South Dakota. And most importantly a mother to a beautiful little girl- My inspiration. Designing and creating has always been a passion of mine instilled in me by a long line of women through traditional teachings. 

















I’m hoping through my creations I can help women/men feel confident in the skin that they were created in. My goal is to branch out my creations not only through jewelry but clothing as well. Some of my accomplishments include; being a featured artist in Native Max magazine & Online, Indian Country Magazine, Jewelry designer at the Black Hills Fashion show bringing awareness to Human Trafficking as well as Native POP fashion show. I have had a part in the CANA foundation with a jewelry piece being auctioned off to raise awareness about our Wild horses and have donated earrings to the “Salmon is Life benefit” to bring awareness to our relatives of the water.

Jordan Designer Photo.jpeg

Contact info:

Ph: 605-545-5216

Instagram: collinsjordan 


Victoria Logo.jpg

Victoria LeRae Moreno, creator and CEO of “ToRae LeRae”, believes fashion is another form of expression for people. Her form is having fun with it! She takes her highest perception of creativity and spunk and molds it precisely into business. She is a vivid and fearless young woman with a wise and calm demeanor. Having a humble, open-minded, and quirky personality makes people look forward to associating and working with her.



















Victoria wants her clothing to be the reason behind someone’s happiness and confidence. Knowing that clothing alone can change a person’s demeanor positively is what she appreciates the most. She wants to brighten the world one piece at a time. Not just by the vivid and bold colors, but by the way people feel while wearing it. 







































                          Contact info: 


Instagram: (personal) @victorialerae & @toraelerae

Cell: 956-537-9121


gate 88 black corpo copy.jpg

                                            Kevin Lemire 


Born in Quebec City, Quebec. A French Canadian designer new to the industry has made quite an impact fresh out of the gate. After completing an arts program at Cegep St-Foy he then moved to Edmonton where he completed the fashion design program at MC college. Once competing and subsequently winning the 2017 Western Canadian Fashion Week’s ‘Emerging Designing Award’, the organizing committee requested he returns as a judge and adjudicator for this year’s competition. This welcomed opportunity by the WCFW organizers reaffirmed that his true passion remains in design. The entire process behind it all: the choosing of fabrics, sketching /cutting/sewing and fittings were exactly where he came to life!  








































Today Kevin is working on a brand named Gate 8ighty 8ight. His brand is based on functional streetwear and urbanist design which consist of jackets /pants and bags. What makes Gate 8ighty 8ight different is the collections are never just conventional typical fabrics. Kevin gets inspiration from contrasting textures and Colors. 









-the creative adult is the child who survived -

Eighty8 pic 3.jpg
Eighty8 pic 4.jpg
Eighty8 Pic1.jpg
Kevin 2.jpeg

Contact info: 

Cell: (587)646-3546



(Perso) @baboo_gate88

(Work)  @gate_88_apparel


Stephanie Grace Gamble is from Beardy’s and Okemasis First Nation, SK, Canada. She is the Owner & Founder of C. Lysias Designs. Stephanie and her family currently reside in Saskatoon, SK, Canada. 

 Stephanie was faced with a difficult past, fashion became a coping mechanism and a creative outlet to help her to heal and connect her to her faith. 

As an Independent Fashion Designer, it’s always been her passion to share her teachings through community and youth involvement. Stephanie loves to travel to different schools, educating and inspiring the youth, by sharing her story and encouraging them to follow their passion for fashion.

















Stephanie has attended fashion events such as Montana Fashion Week, Couture Fashion Week New York, and Saskatchewan Fashion Week, where she won the SFW x Mosaic Indigenous Bursary Award for her latest, “Rise of the Phoenix” collection. 

Now she wants to use her fashion as a platform to inspire change. What better than a creative Fashion Portal as “The First Team of Indigenous Women” to represent Canada at RISE New York Fashion Week!

alyssa logo.jpg

Boozhoo, Waaban Anaang Ikwe indishinikaaz makwa indodemmaadabimong indoonjiba Ogaakaaning indaa. My name is Alyss Mountain, but am known as Waaban Anaang Ikwe, meaning Morning Star Woman in my native tongue. I am an Ojibwe woman from the Red Lake Nation in Northern Minnesota. Coming from the reservation, we are faced with many hardships, my vision is to show my people that we are more than capable of growing from traumatic experiences and flourishing.  I am a self-taught seamstress and cultural arts master (meaning, my mediums focus on different varieties of traditional art). A lot of my successes are in the field of criminal justice, various volunteer/community engagement opportunities and education, but I have been a cultural arts teacher in my community for many years, 133 people being the largest class I have ever taught. 

I began with beading at a young age for fun, but my work as an artist really began to take off after I gave birth to my daughter in 2013. I am new to the fashion industry, but a professional when it comes to executing visions I set forth. My work is inspired by and specifically focuses on woodland floral with a contemporary twist. 

















Today, I am working on a brand named after my daughter, MISKWADESI (MISS-QUA-DAY-SEE), meaning Little Red Painted Turtle.  I am a huge supporter for Native artists supporting Native artists, so I am looking forward to showcasing my collaboration with local designers and the Buckanaga Social Club. Together we have created a line that shows our full potential; being anywhere from all ages to all sizes to casual streetwear to formal attire, including various jewelry and accessories. I want to open doors for other traditional forms of art and expand within the fashion industry, with an overall goal of making others feel beautiful, confident and comfortable.



Contact Information:


Instagram: @waabananaangikwe

Snapchat: Wanaangikwe

Cellphone: (218)308-0175








alyssa pic.jpg
ben logo.jpg

I'm Benjamin Besgrove. I started out as an illegal graffiti artist, tagging my city as I would skateboard around local spots . I got good quickly and after 10 years of it I decided to make my own clothing company and footwear company. This is my second year designing and I'm already about to be featured on TV with my new campaign 1/30 on the Long Island Television station I'll be on Rudy's Room. I have zero fashion experience and being invited to NYFW is a huge achievement for me. I still don't have much products yet I'm still pretty new. My shoes have gotten the Staff Pick Award twice. I've only submitted 2 designs on shoes. So I'm 2/2. 


The link for the shoes available right here: 

The website to my online store is here:


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