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9 Photographers from Our Last NYFW Event You Should Work With

Updated: Jun 5

Photo: Haley Cormier

New York Fashion Week brings together the best in fashion and photography, creating a dynamic environment where art and style converge. As an artist-driven brand, we deeply appreciate the work of other talented artists who contribute to this vibrant tapestry. Here are nine photographers from our last event who captured its essence beautifully, helping to make it a resounding success:

1. Anthony Estevez

Specializing in fashion, nature, maternity, and graduation photography, Anthony’s diverse skill set brought a unique and captivating perspective to our event (website:

2. Randell Moody

With a passion for fashion and lifestyle photography, Randell’s unique vision and eye for detail highlighted the beauty and style of our showcases (website:

3. Curtis Cheung

A portrait and street photographer, Curtis’s international experience from Charlotte to Tokyo added a rich, global dimension to our coverage (website:

4. Haley Cormier

Haley’s ever-evolving style, marked by strong contrasts and natural frames, captured the in-between moments that made our event special (website:

5. Justin Meertens

As a luxury celebrity photographer, Justin’s expertise in lifestyle, portraits, and events brought a touch of glamour to our NYFW coverage (website: Instagram).


6. Madina Rajapova

Madina’s focus on fashion, lifestyle, brand, and event photography provided comprehensive and stylish documentation of our showcases (website: Instagram).

7. Renata Rodrigues

Renata’s expertise in portrait, lifestyle, corporate, and event photography captured the diversity and vibrancy of our attendees and participants (website:

8. Skyy Wonders

Specializing in creative editorial portraiture and high fashion photography, Skyy’s work added a dynamic and artistic flair to our event (website:

9. Sveta Themskova

Sveta’s specialization in fashion, landscape, and street photography brought a broad and visually stunning perspective to our NYFW coverage (website:

These talented photographers were instrumental in showcasing the creativity and excitement of our last NYFW event. As we continue to celebrate and support the artistry within the fashion industry, collaborating with these photographers can bring a fresh and compelling dimension to any fashion project.


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