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Haitian-born Francis Pierre Laborde, an alumnus of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, embarked on his journey in fashion design, earning a B.F.A followed by an A.A.S Degree in Graphic Design, honing his artistic prowess. Beginning his career in the vibrant landscape of the New York design district, Laborde seamlessly integrated his dual expertise into his craft.

Today, he channels his passion for fashion and technical finesse into the creation of the Pierre Laborde Handbag Collection, embodying the essence of individuality and superior craftsmanship.

"The Pierre Laborde Experience" epitomizes a fusion of vintage allure, impeccable craftsmanship, and a touch of opulence for both men and women of style.


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Andrea McCray, the creative force behind Aries Closet, embodies resilience and innovation in every stitch of her designs. A self-taught designer, Andrea's creations are a manifestation of her journey through life's trials as a single mother, navigating loss, and witnessing her mother's triumphant battle with cancer. These experiences infuse her garments with a rare depth and emotive resonance.

Rejecting traditional design paradigms, Andrea's pieces exude strength and sensuality, capturing the essence of her unconventional approach. She defies patterns, fearlessly incorporating atypical materials, transforming the mundane into the extraordinary. Her designs, sometimes enigmatic to others, hold profound personal significance, reflecting her unique perspective.

Fuelled by a lifelong passion for design and modeling, Andrea's path faced obstacles that momentarily diverted her dreams. However, at 55, the opportunity offered by Rise beckons her to unveil her exceptional creations. Her line, "Unconventional Treasured Threads," stands as a testament to individuality, pushing boundaries, and celebrating resilience.

On February 9 at 1:00 PM, Andrea McCray will grace the stage, inviting the world to witness her artistry.


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Lea McCormick, the extraordinary actress and artisan behind Heruse Tos Handbags, brings an eclectic narrative to the forefront of fashion. Hailing from a humble Oklahoma town, Lea's journey weaves a tale of resilience and artistic fervor, drawing from her deep-rooted experiences within a close-knit community.

Her return to the spotlight after three decades is a testament to her unwavering dedication and passion. With a career spanning diverse roles—from a paramedic to a celebrated actor—Lea's collection embodies a seamless fusion of Native American artistry and storytelling. Each handbag bears the imprint of her heritage and meticulous craftsmanship, beautifully entwining tradition with contemporary allure.

Join us at 4 PM for the unveiling of Lea McCormick's captivating collection, an ode to the vibrant spirit of Rise NYFW's 9th season. Prepare to be enthralled by the artistry and heritage woven into the fabric of "Heruse Tos Handbags," a testament to Lea's indomitable creativity and passion for storytelling through fashion.


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Amber Buckanaga, the driving force behind Buckanaga Social Club, marks her anticipated return to Rise NYFW after a standout showcase in September 2022. On February 9th at 4 PM, she unveils a groundbreaking collaboration with James Harvin of Duality Collection, aiming to dismantle colonial ideologies through their shared native heritage.

Amber's fashion journey began at 10, rooted in love for arts and nature, elevating original Ojibwe designs from Grand Rapids runways to New York's iconic stage. Her craftsmanship marries sustainability with cultural pride, using recycled materials to reduce waste in her pieces.


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Franchon Crews-Dezurn, a multifaceted force in both the boxing ring and the world of fashion, is set to make a stunning debut at New York Fashion Week with Rise.


From a humble beginning of purchasing a sewing machine for $25, she has evolved into an undisputed world champion, a skilled fashion designer, and a talented singer. Combining her passion for design with her successful boxing career, Crews-Dezurn has crafted unique outfits for herself, fellow athletes, and high-profile collaborations.


Beyond the boxing ring, she also achieved success with her single "Secret Place," reaching No. 30 on the UK Music Week Commercial Pop Club Charts. Now, she brings her distinctive style and relentless determination to New York Fashion Week, promising a collection that reflects her unparalleled journey and creativity.


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Avnah stands at the forefront of innovative design, continually pushing the boundaries of couture. With the upcoming release of "GRACE" in February '24, this collection promises a tapestry of artistic ingenuity.

Inspired by the profound concept of grace—both as a divine gift from the Heavenly Father and as an essence reflected in the iconic style of Grace Jones—Avnah seeks to evoke a sense of gracefulness that we often overlook in our daily lives.

"GRACE" is a homage to self-compassion, reminding us of the importance of granting ourselves the kindness and elegance we readily offer others. Avnah weaves these themes into a multi-dimensional aesthetic journey, a convergence of diverse elements that define beauty and grace.

This couture release embodies Avnah's commitment to crafting garments that transcend mere fashion, offering a narrative that celebrates grace in its various forms—divine, sartorial, and personal, inviting wearers to embrace gracefulness in every aspect of their lives.


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Step into the enchanting realm of Marci Berlin, where innovation, creativity, and sustainability converge in an extraordinary fashion journey.

Guided by the visionary prowess of Creative Director India Lanasia, Marci Berlin is poised to grace the runway on February 9th at 1 PM in Wallace Hall.

India Lanasia's meticulous craftsmanship and distinctive design ethos infuse every collection, showcasing haute couture and the utilization of bespoke, diverse fabrics. From men's, women's, and children's ready-to-wear to avant-garde footwear, accessories, and bespoke denim, Marci Berlin presents a kaleidoscope of offerings.

Embark on an exclusive showcase where Marci Berlin's commitment to sustainability takes the spotlight. Explore fashion that not only resonates with your personal style but also champions conscious choices.


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Introducing Kierra Saddler, poised to make an electrifying debut at New York Fashion Week with her avant-garde clothing line, RosaByrd. Her Collection transcends traditional boundaries, a vivid tapestry woven from her experiences as a seamstress in a soft home goods factory.

Drawing inspiration from the stark contrast between manual laborers and office professionals within the same workplace, Kierra infuses her designs with a striking juxtaposition. She marries the rugged practicality of workwear with the refined elegance of traditional business silhouettes. The essence of her collection pulsates with the raw authenticity of actual factory fabric, a tangible tribute to her roots.

RosaByrd doesn't just showcase garments; it narrates a tale of dichotomy, exploring the class divide within a confined workspace. Kierra's vision dares to challenge norms, redefining fashion by blending elements that traditionally stand apart.

As she steps onto the NYFW stage, Kierra Saddler invites you to witness the fusion of labor and luxury, where each stitch speaks volumes about the intricacies of societal contrasts and the transformative power of design.


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Introducing sariusai, a visionary in international design, reshaping the fashion landscape with a captivating blend of diversity and timeless elegance.


Rooted in a profound appreciation for varied backgrounds and identities, Sariusai's creations transcend conventional boundaries. Committed to sustainability, the brand's circular philosophy champions the use of organic, deadstock, and recycled materials, ethically crafted in Europe and the UK.


Rejecting fleeting trends, Sariusai curates a collection of timeless pieces that exude enduring elegance. Join us this February for an extraordinary fashion journey where empowerment and style seamlessly converge in Sariusai's showcase, offering a unique and thought-provoking perspective on the intersection of culture and couture.


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Introducing Autumn Gineen, the visionary force behind House of Ginnie, where fashion transcends boundaries and stitches together the fabric of tradition and innovation. With a lineage steeped in the art of sewing passed down through generations, Autumn embodies the essence of an artist weaving stories through her garments.

From the vibrant corridors of House of Ginnie, Autumn curates a tapestry of design, melding her innate sewing prowess nurtured alongside her mother with an avant-garde flair. For her, fashion isn't just attire; it's a vivid spectrum, oscillating between black and white tones and exploding into a kaleidoscope of colors.

House of Ginnie isn't solely a fashion sanctuary; it's a haven for learning and expression. Autumn's dedication to teaching the art of sewing echoes her passion for fostering a community that shares her love for creation. Her ready-to-wear collections are more than ensembles; they're a testament to her artistry, celebrating individuality and embracing the beauty found in imperfections. Through her designs, Autumn fosters a narrative that transcends borders, creating connections and building a sense of belonging within the fashion world.

Returning once more to our stage, Autumn Gineen brings the essence of House of Ginnie, where each stitch tells a story of inclusivity, innovation, and the limitless possibilities within the realm of fashion.


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Firuza Yakubova, the luminary designer hailing from the rich cultural tapestry of Uzbekistan, has woven a remarkable legacy in the world of ready-to-wear fashion over the past 5-10 years. A visionary in her craft, Firuza's creations bridge tradition and modernity, reflecting the diverse influences of her heritage.

Having embarked on her design journey, Firuza has left an indelible mark with several showcases that have traversed the landscapes of Russia and her native Uzbekistan. Her designs exude a harmonious blend of cultural richness and contemporary flair, embodying the essence of the regions she draws inspiration from.

Firuza Yakubova's commitment to ready-to-wear fashion is a testament to her understanding of the dynamic needs of the modern individual. Her pieces seamlessly marry practicality with style, catering to a diverse clientele with a discerning taste for elegance and comfort.

As a luminary in the fashion realms of Uzbekistan, Firuza Yakubova continues to captivate audiences with her evocative designs, leaving an indomitable imprint on the global fashion landscape.


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Dani J Couture stands at the avant-garde of fashion, a daring and refined fusion that celebrates individualism with unapologetic audacity. Danielle Johnson, the visionary force behind the brand, crafts a collection that embodies rebellion and sophistication, catering to the bold and fiercely independent.

Each piece within the Dani J Couture line is a testament to untamed imagination, weaving tales of boldness and creativity. The rebellious spirit permeates every stitch, embracing unconventional patterns, Dani J's iconic leather elements, and provocative silhouettes that challenge the norms of conventional fashion.

Meticulously detailed, Dani J Couture epitomizes exclusivity, ensuring that each garment is a statement of unparalleled individuality. Limited editions and unique pieces guarantee wearers stand out, making a declaration that surpasses fashion—it's an assertion of personal identity.

Beyond a clothing line, Dani J Couture symbolizes fearlessness and strength. Its bold textures and confident cuts empower individuals to embrace their inner renegade, to break free from conformity, and express their authenticity with unrivaled boldness.

Dani J Couture doesn't follow trends; it sets, breaks, and redefines them, inviting individuals to embody its ethos—I Couture Me, Let Me Couture You!


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Introducing Stevie Boi, the visionary force redefining fashion and luxury eyewear. A trailblazing American designer, actor, and founder of the acclaimed SBShades, Stevie has etched his mark across the globe.

Hailing from Augusta, Georgia, his upbringing as an Army brat shaped his global perspective, infusing diversity into his designs.

In 2007, fueled by unyielding passion, Stevie courageously abandoned his military career to embark on a transformative journey in eyewear design. His breakthrough arrived when his iconic eyewear graced the cover of Vogue in 2012, catapulting him into the limelight. Stevie's creations have since adorned the faces of music and fashion icons like Beyoncé, Madonna, and Katy Perry, showcasing his unparalleled craftsmanship.

With a portfolio spanning over 900 publications and media outlets, Stevie Boi's avant-garde designs have captivated the fashion world. Expanding his horizons, Stevie is now poised to conquer television and cinema, channeling his creativity into acting and costume design.


Catch this luminary visionary as he unveils his latest creations at 8 PM.


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Experience the revolutionary designs of Prajjé Oscar at Rise on February 9th, starting at 8 PM.

Renowned for his avant-garde style, Prajjé, the Haitian-born designer, has artfully crafted his latest collection, "Revolūtiō," drawing inspiration from the recent KPK movement and the historic 1804 Haitian Revolution. This exceptional collection seamlessly blends streetwear with avant-garde aesthetics, showcasing vibrant floral camouflage patterns and oversized jackets.

In an exciting collaboration with Philadelphia's esteemed millinery company, SheWorkz, Prajjé introduces a distinctive line of hats that adds a bold and revolutionary touch to the overall collection.


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