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Meet The Designers:

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Hello, my name is EllisJ, I'm 37 years old from Albany, NY and I am the owner of Honey B's  Boutiques/EllisJ Collections. Honey B's Boutiques is an all women's boutique, we sell everything from clothing, shoes, bags & more. I started HBB three years ago, it has been an amazing journey, I've learned so much about fashion and worked with some amazing artists.














Never been one to follow fashion trends so to everyone else my fashion sense has always been a little weird, but ask most of them now who do they call when they need help putting an outfit together "me" lol. When it comes to what I wear, I just say "my car my lane, you either get in or watch me slay away.  EllisJ Collections is so much more of a representation of who I am when it comes to fashion. Every piece is created and made by me, as much as I love making clothing and putting together looks; the root of my love for fashion started with hair. I've been a hairstylist for over 10 years but before I did anything.......I did hair. Every piece I create starts with a hairstyle,  putting together a look is more than having the right garment.  You can have on a beautiful piece but the wrong hairstyle can make your fashion do look like a don't. 

      From fabric to thread, from weave to glue, fashion is not only just creating a look for. Creating fashion is me fulfilling not only my customer's dreams but my own as well. 

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Monique Cartwright of Keenan James

Monique Logo.jpeg

Born and raised in Providence, RI, Monique has had a love for fashion since the age of 13. As a kid, she could remember sketching jackets and pants and cutting out magazine clips to put them in her auntʼs photo album. As a child Monique wanted to go into the medical field but knew designing was her passion. In 2010 she enrolled in SCADʼs fashion program for fashion design in Savannah, GA.













Continuously making the Deanʼs List Monique gained her footing and deemed SCAD as the best school for her until she couldnʼt afford to go back her junior year. As devastating as it was, once Monique moved back home, she enrolled back into school six months later hoping to just finish at this point because she was annoyed with the whole idea of school but knew there was no option not to finish because getting & bachelors degree was important to her. Amazingly enough she graduated Magna Cum Laude from Johnson & Wales in 2015 while also receiving the Deanʼs award for the Fashion Merchandising and Retail Marketing. Today, Monique uses sewing as a side hustle to tend to her clients, by day, she works as & Visual Merchandiser for H&M in Atlanta, GA. She hopes to one day be that famous successful fashion designer that she always dreamed of being.

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Lena M. Collection:


Lena Timmons is the owner and designer of the clothing brand Lena M. She has been actively designing since 2010. Debuting her first collection in 2012. She received her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Fashion Design & Merchandising. In Sept 2014 Lena debut her S/S 2015 Collection In NYFW.

The brand has been featured in Merge Magazine & Plitzs NYFW Magazine.

Growing up, Lena was always into fashion. She participated in fashion shows in high school and went on to model for various companies. But, she always had an eye for fashion. She says “I could dress up a nightgown, with a nice belt and a pair of boots, and jewelry and no one would ever guess it was a nightgown.” Which is why it’s no surprise that she ended up being a fashion designer. ” I was always that child, who had to have the latest fashion trends. Like I never wanted to wear anything outdated, my poor parents, lol.” she said. During her time in school, she developed a passion to make women feel beautiful and sexy, while still being comfortable.








She has participated in numerous fashion shows and events. She has also been published in a local fashion magazine, and fashion blogs. Lena has been invited to numerous Fashion Weeks around the country. You can expect nothing but greatness from this young designer. She says ” Making my clients feel amazingly beautiful, secure and of course always fashionable is my number one priority and I’m committed to doing just that.

Lena M. has been featured in New York Fashion Week, Charlotte International Fashion Week. She was also Raw Artists Fashion Designer of the Year 2015 for San Antonio,Tx.

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Phor Logo.jpg

As a designer in charge of what goes behind the scene and yet the energy and face of a lifestyle, I bring value, content, and attention.  One word, “MEMORABLE “, I’m branded and my name is Phor popes, to understand me, you must go back in time. I’m talking before the War of 1812 that strengthens U.S. as an independent nation. (I say that because I’m going to strengthen and create my own seat in the fashion table)





I'm talking way back. Between 265A.D-530A.D their was “4 POPES” named Felix. 

I’m addicted to creating dope visual content and leaving memorable experiences. D’BPHOR (D’BrandByPhor) we’re not saying we’re next, we’re just going to inspire the next big thing. It could be us, or it could be you. 








(Something interesting about me)

My sense of fashion, the eye for dope content. 

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