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Chioma - CEO


Chioma Onukwuire is a D2C Business Analyst by day. Her alter ego is the CEO and founder of CHIMU. Chioma founded CHIMU in order to have African fashion more accessible to the US. She enjoys partnering up with other artisans, attending fashion shows, and creating collections. Her vision is to challenge what it means to be an African fashion brand.

We are very transparent in our supply chain, that we tell people the name of the artisans who make our clothes. This ensures that the artisans get more exposure.

Prashant - Head Designer

Prashant Rao is a Research Engineer by day. At night, he’s Head Designer at CHIMU. He enjoys working on the  User Experience (UX), digitizing designs, and prototyping collections. Prashant wants to challenge how clothes are made. 

Prashant has 9+ patents. Chioma has been on tv and in magazines for her designs.

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Dada Nast’ada, Hello How are you

My Traditional name is “Woman who walks over the red mountains” Tsa dik’azi K’a nogha Siya Ts’ika. My colonial name is Stephanie Crowchild/ Eagletail. I am from the Tsuu T’ina Nation in the Treaty 7 territory of Alberta, Canada.

 I am the owner of Stephanie Eagletail Designs and founder of The Eagletail House Society which is a Traditional Healing home for Indigenous peoples. I specialize in custom-made jackets. Utilizing wool blankets from companies such as 8th generation and Pendleton. My style replicates my great great grandmothers who were the matriarchs of my family. Tsuu t’ina women wore the beaver pelt hats otherwise known as tall hats, along with our most sacred item the bonnet made of eagle feathers also known as the headdress. I wear mine with pride as I am a modern-day warrior woman who has fought against injustices and adversities we face as Indigenous women and peoples. I am reclaiming my identity through fashion, culture, sobriety, decolonization, and intergenerational healing. I am a mother of four beautiful children and a wife. I am the matriarch of my family. My designs come to me with each blanket, there is a process before I create any coat. I always say a prayer and smudge with our traditional medicines before I cut. I allow my spirit to guide me with each piece I create and always remain positive as each piece is a piece of me.

Many blessing to you all, Iy Hiy, Siyisgaas

Stephanie Crowchild of Stephanie Eagletail Designs

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Banditz Customs

Banditz by Designer Shaniece Wright.

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Banditz is originally known for upcycling clothing by taking something old and making it fashionable and wanted. She is also known for her amazing Crochet designs with yarn creating wearable fashion for women and kids. This upcoming collection will be different. A fresh take on modern urban trends and a touch of classic designs.

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Stephanie Grace Gamble is the Owner and Operator of C. Lysias Designs, an Indigenous Owned Fashion and Wellness Brand located in Saskatoon, SK. She is a self-taught Fashion Designer, Youth Worker, and Motivational Speaker. Stephanie is a mother to two daughters, both reside with her in Saskatchewan, Canada. 


Stephanie was faced with a difficult past and fashion design became a coping mechanism and a creative outlet to help her heal, self-express, and connect her to her faith. It has always been her passion to share her teachings through community and youth involvement. Stephanie loves to travel to different communities, educating and inspiring youth by sharing her story, and encouraging them to follow their passion for fashion.

Stephanie continues to use her fashion platform to inspire, raise awareness, and create change by paving the way for young people to get into the fashion industry. 


Tishynah Buffalo is an Indigenous fashion designer from Alexander First Nation in Treaty 6 territory, Canada.

She is married to the love of her life and has 3 beautiful children. She is self-taught and started to sew at a young age. She always had a passion for sewing, beading, quilting, and designing clothes. Her first fashion show was Fashion Speaks Regina in 2015 where she started with Pendleton Chief Joseph to design wool blankets and it has led her to experience NYC fashion week in 2016, London Fashion Week in 2017, and a number of other fashion shows. Her designs encompass her Cree culture with beadwork, quillwork, haute couture, and a flair of bling that sparkles.

She loves to showcase the diversity of her Indigenous culture with models of all shapes, sizes, and colors.


Ben'a Klier is a soaring fashion icon. A true Warrior. Beating Breast Cancer 3x to taking the challenges of having  ADD/ADHD choosing to pour into her passion for fashion versus claiming victim to it. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Her fashion house; House of La'Rue Fashions is taking the independent emerging fashion designers by storm. Having showcased in Charlotte Seen Fashion week, during New York Fashion Week, Walk Fashion, Indie Fashion. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Her works can be seen gracing the pages of various magazines and ad campaigns. Magazines such as; Style Cruz, GOJI, MOIVE, VOGUE ITALIA (virtual) LA Model and BONNHEUR. Her designs are Contemporary Ready to Wear and at times she will grace us with a ready-to-wear couture gown or dress. 


Her mantra: Unapologetically Unique Fashions for the Unapologetically Unique Individual.


Daughter of Freetown, Sierra Leone immigrants, who migrated to the US over 40 years ago settling in Jackson TN. Priscilla George, CEO and head designer of Munah by Priscilla, is the first of her lineage born on American soil. Priscilla was raised with a heavy dose of traditional African values mixed with pop culture, absorbing both Munah by Priscilla/ Munah by Priscilla Couture is a direct reflection of that. Munah is also her mother's name and of African origin “The Lord is with you”.


As a child, she would accompany her mother to lavish African parties and marvel at the ladies' fashion choices and style. In 1997 Naomi Cambell was on the cover of Vogue and the fashion seed was planted. Priscilla’s passion for fashion was first put into action in 7th grade home economics class thereafter for years no matter the circumstances fashion always found its way into her life. After working in Corporate America for over a decade while juggling motherhood and feeding her passion for fashion, in 2020 she was furloughed from her corporate recruitment job (the irony). “ I was forced to take a deep look 

into my life and examine what I wanted the next chapters to look like. It was time to brand myself and business and allow my love for fashion to take the road ”. 

Munah by Priscilla was started on the premise of showcasing Priscilla’s heritage while allowing her creative voice to breathe life into that foundation. Traditional yet we go against the grain! Affectionately known as “ The  Kente Killa”  Priscilla loves using Kente fabric in a unique way, she has dressed popular international  Afro and Caribbean music industry professionals and hopes to expand her reach.  “ The art of taking a piece of cloth and designing a concept, a look around that feeds and brings JOY to my soul!” 


I truly believe that a Fashion designer should always look to the future and design with modern trends in mind while developing upon the style of the past. I wanted to showcase that while also encouraging and inspiring the first generation of the world ” to feel empowered, seen and represented. You can often feel misplaced or like an afterthought when you're of the mixed county. You can merge your home country style with the country that you were raised in because that is truly you!  

Interesting fact about me:  


I am a HUGE Sci-fi enthusiast, I love anything Sci-fi.  My dream is to have a fashion show in space or a simulation if an Elon spaceship is not available! Haha! Models walking upside down backward just floating through the air! I LIVEEE ! 

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I am the designer of SR-Unique Wear.  I am the creative mind of each design of Unique wear. I come from the tropical island known as the Dominican Republic, I was born in November of 1978-in Santiago a town in the Dominican Republic, where everything is all cool tones and colorful land with a bold bright community, where I could mix the colors with fabric and make a sensation in fashion. I love being creative and spontaneous with each creation for the Unique Wear line.


The ready-to-wear, the sexy, glamourous simplicity of each style, and its representation of the body of women like armor so they always have their fiercest face forward.

I am a highly creative fashion designer with more than 5 years of experience owning my own fashion line and over 15 years of experience working under other designers. Proficient in various clothing designs, urban streetwear and crochet wear, and accessories. I love mixing the colors, shapes, and styles that I can create. I love the sketched design by hand and computer-aided design software. I enjoy the sourcing of high-quality materials to make my mind desires. Here is where I give the gift of fashion to all the women of our era that want to feel like those famous top models and still be true to themselves.


Glamourous beautiful and unique in their own special way. I base my creation on those women that are plus size not because you are plus size but because you could be skinny and have curves. So beautiful women of all shapes and sizes could find the beautiful style and affordable prices at Unique Wear clothing made in house keeps us affordable. Being creative allows me to give you the beauty and style you need to be the best version of yourself. So, get comfortable because we are here to stay with all of you ladies who want to feel unique and fierce bold, and beautiful!

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We’re 3 sisters that have been through almost it all collectively! Survivors of Life & Love and ultimately the visual products of life’s lessons.

She’s strong! 

She’s determined!

She’s Unmatched!

She’s you! 

She’s Me! 


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Hello, my name is Brian, I represent my brand of ALLMEVISIONS (AMV). I believe AMV is more than a brand. 


 I consider AMV a lifestyle, a

movement and a symbol of art that started as a way for me to show my feelings through art because I was not too good at showing it with words.


I intend to show and share with the world my emotion, creativity, and passion for art. 


Allmevisions isn’t only working on taking over fashion, but as well as art, music, technology, and much more! 

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KANA Kollection is an Indigenous fashion brand aimed at empowering Indigenous people, strengthening the art form, and passing skills to the next generation.  


“Kana” means ‘to sew’ in the Kwak’wala language, spoken by Kwak’waka’wakw Nations on Vancouver Island, BC. Sewing and design are and always have been an integral part of Indigenous culture. Through fashion, KANA Kollection carries forward cultural skills and knowledge to ensure it is passed on to the next generation. Through designs, colors, and materials, KANA Kollection represents their communities, lineages, and ancestral connections. 


For Indigenous people, it is important to represent who we are and to be proud of our identities in our everyday contemporary realities. Clothing is a way to express our identities, to reclaim our pride, and demonstrate our ancestral connections. This ongoing process of learning and 

connecting with ourselves is essential to defining our identities rooted in culture. It is a necessary process to heal from colonial trauma. KANA Kollection is a physical and outer representation of our inner selves and our identities as Indigenous people. To be proud of who we are is inspiring; 

to express who we are is empowering.  


KANA Kollection creates clothing that is appropriate for non-Indigenous people to wear as well. With the increasing problem of cultural appropriation, it is important to support authentic Indigenous brands. By doing this, you create opportunities for Indigenous artists and can gain insight into Indigenous culture.  

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