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I am the designer of SR-Unique Wear.  I am the creative mind of each design of Unique wear. I come from the tropical island known as the Dominican Republic, I was born in November of 1978-in Santiago a town in the Dominican Republic, where everything is all cool tones and colorful land with a bold bright community, where I could mix the colors with fabric and make a sensation in fashion. I love being creative and spontaneous with each creation for the Unique Wear line.


The ready-to-wear, the sexy, glamourous simplicity of each style, and its representation of the body of women like armor so they always have their fiercest face forward.

I am a highly creative fashion designer with more than 5 years of experience owning my own fashion line and over 15 years of experience working under other designers. Proficient in various clothing designs, urban streetwear and crochet wear, and accessories. I love mixing the colors, shapes, and styles that I can create. I love the sketched design by hand and computer-aided design software. I enjoy the sourcing of high-quality materials to make my mind desires. Here is where I give the gift of fashion to all the women of our era that want to feel like those famous top models and still be true to themselves.


Glamourous beautiful and unique in their own special way. I base my creation on those women that are plus size not because you are plus size but because you could be skinny and have curves. So beautiful women of all shapes and sizes could find the beautiful style and affordable prices at Unique Wear clothing made in house keeps us affordable. Being creative allows me to give you the beauty and style you need to be the best version of yourself. So, get comfortable because we are here to stay with all of you ladies who want to feel unique and fierce bold, and beautiful!

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Ingrid Brooks is Mi’kmaq from east coast of Canada. A place called Indian Island. She has completed her Native Studies at the College of Craft and Design. She attended a private classes at Desjardins Sewing Studio. She comes from a family of garment factory workers. She learned most of her skills from her great aunts when they returned home.

Her pieces are inspired by her love of nature and her Native American heritage. Her quilled jewelry can be found in museums across Canada and the United States. She has her first show at Indigenous Fashion Week Toronto in 2018 and then in Paris 2019. Since then she put her fashion on pause due to the pandemic. This will be her first show since and is excited to share her culture with the world. Her fashions can be found on line at

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Hi, I'm Rashidat Akangbe Enifeni, founder

and C.E.O of Dulzuraconcept couture. i was

born in Nigeria,Relocated to the

U.S in 2016.


I specialize in special styles and

looks for every outfit I made. i design for Various

Shapes and sizes which is called CUSTOM made.

Dulzuraconcept .couture is found in the year 2014.


My Name is James O White and I am the Founder and CEO of JOW. JOW is a brand and company that encompas Music, Theatre and Fashion. My motto is "Exuberate with Excellence." JOW Fashion is sophisticated, culturalize in the power of ones self. 

This collection is called "Rebirth." This past year has been a year of discovery, understanding and rebirth. I have went through a lot of rediscovering and rebranding, understanding who i am as well as, connecting with my culture and ancestor's legacy.

So I title this collection "Rebirth." I use textures, african print and bringing forth to the modern age. It empowers one for greatness of who they already are. 

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Amanda is a Toronto based visual artist/ designer with heavy inspiration drawn from nature and sound/ rhythm. Very recently she started practicing pattern design which allows her to incorporate her artwork; while at the same time, continuing progress in her fashion design technique.

Amanda is intrigued with how fabrics falls and feel against the skin. She believes that apart from the aesthetic, fashion should be a significant part of the ‘Mind-Body-Soul’ experience and how a person feels while they are in a garment.

Lastly, Amanda has branched out into Interior Décor in pursuit of spreading the ‘Mind-Body’ into the daily routine. Aside from creating, she loves music, good food and experiences which help make her heart lighter and full of laughter!

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Anna Madrigal née Anna Fuller, designed her own wardrobe as soon as she was conscious of her own style. Her mother’s scissors and sewing machine acted as a portal as she altered thrift store finds and fabric into a distinct and personal flare. From middle school on she showed a prescient sense of trend.

Anna Madrigal was the first in her to class to intern abroad with Italian Fashion Designer Patricia Fusé.  Inspired and driven she pushed and continued to make advancement beyond her classmates. The first student to be published in Orlando Style magazine for her graduate work at Hard Rock Live in 2006.

She went on to collaborate with multiple local artist for private collections over the next several years and continued to show throughout Central Florida as the only couture designer. 

In 2008 Anna again, teamed with photographer Dwayne Moore, and hair designer Angel Cardona for the TeamAV project, allowing Anna the platform to reach a larger audience by showcasing a collection filmed by VH1 for Basketball WivesSeason 1. 

In 2011 she was a guest interviewer, in collaboration for British Vogue for a 25th Anniversary article for Italian designers Dolce & Gabbana. 

After advancing in the Orlando scene for almost a decade, Anna retired to rural East Orlando and took a creative pause to pursuit other interest and restore her creative well. 



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Amber Buckanaga is an indigenous artist who is an enrolled member of the Leech Lake Band, and resides in East Lake MN. Amber creates in multiple mediums. Their fashion design features cultural elements of florals, ribbon work, appliqué, beadwork and leather work. Amber is the founder of the Artists collective Buckanaga Social Club.


This is a collective of Indigenous artists who strives to produce quality indigenous art, clothing, accessories, decor and essences of mother earth that blends the past and future. Buckanaga Social Club was created to facilitate easy access to indigenous art and collectively work together to assist our fellow artists with a platform to share their skills with the world.

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Established in 2016, The Debonaire Club was created by two U.S. Army veterans who wanted to introduce the flair of the custom suit world to the everyday consumer. The Debonaire Club offers creativity, quality and functionality in all of their clothing. We're confident you'll find that their custom clothing designs offer quality styles, functionality and uniqueness.


Interesting thing about me: 

I am currently still serving in the Army National Guard with 18 years service. I find conspiracy theories interesting. I don’t wear jeans.




AFRO.LUX.TRAP (ALT)  Signature Style for Edgy Sophisticate established in 2022. Classic Modern & Bold Beauty, ALT Designs take cues from natural motifs, symbols, language, and culture. Our versatile staples can be up or down styled across multiple age ranges, and genders. Created by Amenta B, presented with accessories by Cristian Sanna.

Designer Amenta B. Cutliff expresses her imagination through a mixed bag of artistry. Her aesthetic expresses grace, embodies culture and celebrates sensual femininity. She uses texture, print and color to communicate perspectives of beauty, culture and luxury. A child of two nations, her influences reflect both her Native/American and African heritage. "I never limit my sight, I just throw myself into everything I love and let life lead the way."

~ Amenta B.


PhoeNyx Leslie is a fashion designer originally from St. Louis, Missouri residing in Seattle, Washington. PhoeNyx, (he/they) has been a self-taught designer since the age of 7. This will be his first fashion show and first time in New York.


His background as a drag entertainer, making and refurbishing award-winning gowns has been the inspiration behind some of his previous work. He has been working hard developing his fashion line, MaudHaus Artistry with designs based off of personal paintings and androgynous styling. 



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